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What penalties result from a domestic violence protective order?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | criminal defense | 0 comments

If you are the subject of a domestic violence protective order, you may worry about how this could impact your life. Once the order goes into effect, the judge has the ability to pose various penalties on you.

These penalties, called relief under the law, range from personal impacts that could greatly alter your life to financial requirements. You must obey any orders from the judge or you would be in violation of the protective order.

Personal penalties

The judge could give the other person possession of your home and prevent you from using it or going there, or make you provide different housing for the other party. There may also be an order giving the other party temporary custody of any minor children with or without visitation rights for you. The other party may also receive custody of any pets you jointly own.

Financial penalties

The court could order you to make child and spousal support payments. You may also have to pay the attorney fees for the other party.

Other penalties

The judge can suspend your rights to own or possess firearms. He or she may also require you to attend a treatment program for abusers.

Keep in mind that the judge will require substantial proof to show you are likely causing harm to the other party or that you have put that person in fear for his or her safety. But if the other party sways the judge’s opinion, then you could face all of these penalties.