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Are your liberties and livelihood at stake in an upcoming criminal trial?

If you are facing a criminal charge in the Statesville, North Carolina, area, the dedication and diligence of one skilled lawyer can make a positive difference in your future. That lawyer is Michael D. Cleaves, a criminal defense attorney representing clients throughout Iredell, Davie and Alexander counties.

Michael D. Cleaves is a versatile defense attorney who handles all types of criminal law cases, including felonies and misdemeanors, drunk driving charges, traffic offenses and probation violations.

Providing Strong Criminal Defense

Being convicted of a drug crime, violent crime or theft can put you behind bars for years, drain your finances with substantial fines and restitution, establish a criminal record, and impose severe probation conditions upon your release back to society.

Are you being accused of domestic violence in your own home? Are murder or assault charges against you the result of self-defense or mistaken identity? No law says you have to surrender to this bleak outcome without a fight. Act now to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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