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Do not believe people when they tell you to just plead guilty or to handle your injury case yourself. Something can, in fact, be done. But you need the right attorney for it.

Attorney Michael D. Cleaves is that attorney. He does not simply process your case and move on. Instead, he works with you directly to learn your case, your legal needs and your personal situation so he can tailor his legal representation to your specific circumstances.

More Than 15 Years Of Experience


Criminal Defense

We know your rights.
Let us handle your legal needs.


Personal Injury

Our team stands up to the
insurance companies for you.


Worker’s Compensation

We protect the rights of
injured workers.

Trial Attorney


Attorney Cleaves can protect your rights whether you are negotiating your plea or you need to protect your rights in court after an injury. With more than 15 years of experience to his credit, he can help you understand your legal options and then help you choose from those options wisely.

He has structured our office to serve you best. Part of our commitment to personalized service includes providing you with legal representation in Spanish whenever needed. Both attorney Cleaves and our firm’s legal assistant, Estefania Manzano, speak Spanish, so you never have to worry about your legal questions getting lost in translation.

When you work with us, you work a law firm that already knows how the system works. We deal with insurance companies and criminal prosecutors on a regular basis. We know how they think and we put that knowledge to work for you when we craft your legal strategy.

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