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Juvenile arrested for alleged drug crimes

Most 17-year-old North Carolina kids are concerned about what their friends are doing, their grades and if they will get into college. Few are prepared to deal with the serious and life-altering consequences that accompany arrests based on alleged criminal conduct. However, North Carolina officials recently arrested a 17 years old for his alleged involvement in a host of drug offenses.

Based on reports, the teen was arrested in Ayden and was allegedly found to be in possession of firearms as well as illegal substances. His criminal charges include, but are not limited to, possession of heroin and marijuana, intent to sell marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a home or car for controlled substances.

Traffic statistics show deadly effects of speed, alcohol

Drive on North Carolina roads long enough and you'll likely come across the scene of an accident. You might wonder what caused the accident and if someone died.

The answers are often that excessive speed or drunk driving caused the accident, and unfortunately many of those accidents result in deaths.

When your license is in danger

Being ticketed or arrested for an alleged traffic violation can expose a person to many things. This can include the possibility of losing one’s driver’s license. There are a range of things that could lead to a license being revoked. Today, we’ll go over some of the common types of traffic-violation-related driver’s license revocations here in North Carolina.

Defenses to charges of assault and battery

Fights can result in injuries, bruised emotions and damaged property. North Carolina residents should also recognize that altercations can result in criminal charges if alleged victims file charges against their alleged attackers. The crimes of assault and battery carry with them serious legal consequences that can deprive individuals of their rights and freedoms if they are convicted of their charges.

However, it is sometimes possible for individuals to avoid criminal punishment if they are able to assert strong criminal defense strategies to combat their pending charges. When it comes to assault and battery, several defenses may provide individuals with explanations for their actions that overcome the assertions of their alleged accusers that their conduct was criminal.

What should I do after getting a speeding ticket?

A speeding ticket might seem like small potatoes, but it can have a big financial impact. In addition to the fine you may have to pay, your insurance premium could increase by 30-80 percent, depending on your situation. Excessive speeding could also result in your driver’s license being revoked.

Although many speeding tickets come with the option to have the court appearance waived, it is not always in your best interest to do so. By immediately paying the ticket and waiving your right to appear in court, you are also admitting guilt, so it is important to first consider if you may be able to fight the ticket.

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