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Defenses exist when speeding violations are alleged

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Firm News, traffic violations | 0 comments

Any North Carolina driver who has gotten a speeding ticket  or other moving violation knows that it can be a costly hassle to deal with. Speeding and other traffic violations are recorded on drivers’ records and can lead to the accumulation of points on their licenses. When drivers have too many points on their licenses, their privileges may be revoked or suspended.

Not everyone may know, though, that there are ways that drivers can challenge the speeding accusations that have been made against them. While not all defenses will apply in all situations, individuals may be able to put together sound arguments to refute the claims that have been made by law enforcement officials and defeat the speeding tickets that they have been issued.

For example, drivers may be able to assert that they were wrongly identified as speeding drivers. When similar vehicles are on the roads it can be hard for police to tell them apart. A driver who is misidentified as a speeder may be able to overcome their ticket if they can show that it was not them who broke the law.

Additionally, individuals may challenge the ways that law enforcement officials determined their speeds. Different assessments may be used to evaluate how fast drivers operate their cars. If a driver can show that an assessment tool malfunctioned or that a law enforcement official misused the assessment device, they may be able to overcome their speeding ticket. These and other defenses may support the cases of speeding ticket defendants, and their traffic violation attorneys can help them prepare their own defense strategies.