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Can I have my traffic charges dismissed online?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | traffic violations | 0 comments

Accumulating multiple traffic violations in North Carolina can lead to a suspended license if you gather too many. This is why you should be aware of ways to reduce the number of traffic offenses on your record by seeking a dismissal of a pending traffic charge. One of these methods can actually be conducted online, provided that the traffic violation qualifies for it.

According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch website, people charged with a traffic violation have the option of requesting that their charge be reduced in severity or outright dismissed by making the request online to the District Attorney’s office. This only applies to certain violations. To determine whether a traffic offense can be reduced or dismissed in this fashion, you would have to check with the citation services link on the NC Judicial Branch’s website.

The kinds of charges that are likely to be dismissed are offenses that can be remedied in a fairly easy fashion. To take one example, a person may be pulled over by a police officer. The officer discovers that the car has an expired safety inspection and writes the driver up. It is possible that the D.A. office may dismiss this offense if the driver submits proof that the driver successfully completed a new inspection.

There is no guarantee that a traffic offense can be reduced or dismissed in this manner, and you may have to go to court to contest traffic charges such as excessive speeding. If so, the NC Judicial Branch site points out that you can retain an attorney to assist you in traffic court. Given the varied nature of traffic violation charges, only read this article as information and not actionable legal advice for your situation.