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Deputy dismissed in wake of domestic violence arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Firm News | 0 comments

While most people in Statesville likely take the news of any criminal activity very seriously, there may be certain types of crimes that many view as particularly disturbing. Domestic violence arrests no doubt fall into this category, both for the fact that they involve violent actions occurring between loved ones and the fact that victims are often viewed as particularly vulnerable.

Yet the trouble that comes with criminal allegations that invoke emotion is that they are often prejudicial, making it difficult for those who stand accused of them from receiving the benefit of the doubt from the general public (an essential element in guaranteeing fair and impartial judgment). As if that is not enough, the alleged perpetrators of domestic violence often have to deal with the public scrutiny that often accompanies such accusations.

County fires deputy accused of assaulting wife

Per the Fort Myers News-Press, a Florida man currently finds himself having to deal with such scrutiny. Authorities responded to a call for an alleged domestic disturbance at his home, where his wife accused him of striking her and threatening her with a knife. A search of his home also revealed narcotics, which compounded the charges filed against him following his arrest. Adding to his troubles is the fact that he served as a county deputy, a position he was since dismissed from.

Dealing with the consequences of a domestic violence charge

While the collateral consequences of a domestic violence charge can certainly be difficult to deal with, one’s priority should first remain focused on addressing any criminal charges they face. Successfully challenging the validity of such charges (and subsequently managing the aftermath of the accusations) may be much easier when supported by experienced legal assistance.