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Tips for overcoming violent tendencies

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | criminal defense | 0 comments

Facing charges of domestic violence in North Carolina can change the trajectory of anyone’s life. Often, people who react violently have endured trauma at some point in their life that has impacted their ability to respond reasonably and rationally to stressful situations.

Overcoming violent tendencies is possible with personal commitment and ongoing support.

Understanding violence

Everyone gets angry, but when people react with little to no control over their emotions and threaten to harm others or assault the people around them, they could face charges of violence. Depending on the offense and whether or not victims sustained serious injury, some violent crimes are felonies.

According to the Virginia Commonwealth University, some researchers suggest that violence can be an addiction. For example, people may get a high off of being in control or getting revenge.  Other factors that may influence violent tendencies include exposure to violence during childhood, abuse, social or behavioral disorders, and mental illness among others.

Changing an emotional response

When people relearn emotional responses, identify personal triggers and practice ways to manage conflict and stress, they may slowly replace bad habits with good ones. According to The Mayo Clinic, when experiencing strong emotions, people may consider taking a time out and removing themselves from the situation until they can regain control of their emotions.

Another strategy that people can use to change their emotional response is to consider solutions to potential problems before they arise. This way, they have an idea of productive and effective ways to react so they can keep their focus on maintaining self-control and responding with rationale.