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Domestic assault allegations can take diverse forms

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | criminal defense | 0 comments

When you first find out that you are facing domestic assault charges, you may feel surprised. You might be unable to recall an incident when you physically harmed your partner. However, your partner might allege that you committed a different kind of abuse.

There are several kinds of domestic violence.

Sexual abuse

The National Domestic Violence Hotline says that sexual abuse concerns unwanted forms of sexual contact. Your partner could allege that you forced her to do certain kinds of sexual acts. She could also say that you made her feel guilty for refusing to be intimate.

Sexual abuse can sometimes involve clothing. A partner might say that you forced her to wear outfits that made her feel uncomfortable and exploited.

Digital abuse

Domestic assault can sometimes occur online. Your partner might tell authorities that you forced her to send sexual videos and photos and also sent these materials to her. Additionally, she could claim that you monitored her social media usage and tried to control which accounts she followed.

Financial abuse

A partner could also file domestic assault charges because she thinks that you abused her financially. This person might argue that you stole money or used her credit cards without permission.

Another aspect of financial abuse concerns access to money. Your partner could allege that you prevented her from seeing her bank statements or that you put her paychecks into your bank account. Additionally, she could claim that you controlled her spending by giving her an allowance.

When your partner alleges that you committed any form of abuse, you need to take action to protect both yourself and your reputation. You might need help demonstrating the validity of your arguments.