3 reasons to avoid waiving a traffic ticket in North Carolina

3 reasons to avoid waiving a traffic ticket in North Carolina

3 reasons to avoid waiving a traffic ticket in North Carolina

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North Carolina drivers have several options when they find themselves accused of a traffic violation. According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, one of these choices is to waive the ticket; however, paying the fine outright is not always the right choice, despite its convenience.

Motorists accused of a traffic violation in the state have several options for handling their ticket and may want to consider each, as failing to contest may carry several negative consequences.

1. Increased insurance costs

Waiving the right to appear in court to contest a traffic ticket is the same as admitting guilt over the offense. As such, this may result in higher car insurance premiums depending on the insurance carrier and whether a motorist is driving under a safe driving program. Drivers who choose to simply pay the ticket may find a noticeable increase in their next insurance bill.

2. Point accumulation

Drivers who do not go to court and contest their traffic tickets may accumulate points on their driver’s license, depending on the severity of the charge. As points rack up, it may affect these drivers’ licenses to the point where they get suspended or revoked. This could have a serious impact on a motorist’s ability to get to work each day and other important tasks that require driving.

3. Options for online dismissal

In some cases, drivers might have the option to have their tickets dismissed online via the North Carolina District Attorney’s office. This could help drivers avoid a guilty charge and costs related to handling the ticket through other means.

North Carolina drivers may want to remember that not all traffic violations are subject to dismissal depending on the seriousness of the charge.

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