Can moving violations harm your driving record?

Can moving violations harm your driving record?

Can moving violations harm your driving record?

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You may rely on your vehicle to do your job. During your daily route, members of law enforcement could charge you with a moving violation. You may feel tempted to pay the fine and move on, but these infractions can have serious consequences.

You could receive a moving violation for several different reasons.

What are moving violations?

The North Carolina Legislature says that moving violations concern the way you maneuver your vehicle. While speeding and running red lights are more common infractions, several other offenses fall into this category. Law enforcement officials could charge you with a moving violation if you do not yield to other vehicles when you approach a yield sign. In some situations, you need to give the right-of-way to bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. You also have to yield to emergency vehicles.

Sometimes, the way that you pass another vehicle can result in a moving violation. You cannot pass a school bus when it stops to let children on and off. Additionally, you cannot pass in a no-passing zone.

What happens after you receive a ticket?

You may see moving violations as more minor infractions. However, it is important to take these tickets seriously. Officials could add points to your license. An offense is usually worth between one and five points. More serious infractions, such as speeding and aggressive driving, usually carry higher points. If you receive too many points, the Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend your license. This can greatly affect your ability to do your job.

Sometimes, moving violations may be mistakes or slight errors in judgment. When this is the case, you need to make sure that your driving record does not suffer because of a mistake.

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