Do you know these symptoms of substance use disorder?

Do you know these symptoms of substance use disorder?

Do you know these symptoms of substance use disorder?

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After your arrest for a drug crime at the hands of North Carolina law enforcement, you wonder if you have more than a criminal charge to deal with. Could a substance abuse disorder be the reason for your arrest?

Mayo Clinic breaks down the symptoms and risk factors associated with substance abuse. Determine the help you need to get your life back on track.

Symptoms of drug abuse

Some of the most common indications that a person may struggle with substance abuse disorder include experiencing intense urges for the substance that overshadow all other thoughts, feeling the need to take the substance regularly and taking more of the substance to experience the desired sensation. You may wrestle with addiction if you spend money you do not have to buy the substance, stop going to work or engaging in activities that once brought you joy or keep using the substance even though you realize its risk to your health and well-being.

Risk factors for drug abuse

Certain factors put individuals at higher risk of abusing drugs. For instance, you may have friends or family who misuse substances, or maybe you have a genetic predisposition for drug addiction. Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder? If so, you may use substances to cope with your condition, but your drug use could worsen your mental health.

Depending on the substance you use, it may have a higher risk of addiction. Such substances include painkillers, opioids, cocaine and stimulants. Those who inject or smoke drugs may also put themselves at higher risk of developing a dependency on the substance.

You may require more than legal help to combat your drug charge and the reason behind it. By understanding whether you have a substance abuse disorder, you could avoid future drug charges.

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