Do you qualify for North Carolina drug treatment court?

Do you qualify for North Carolina drug treatment court?

Do you qualify for North Carolina drug treatment court?

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If you face criminal charges that result from substance use, you could qualify for drug treatment court in North Carolina. Recovery programs at the county level provide medical and mental health care for those diagnosed with substance use disorder.

Review the facts about recovery court if you have pending charges such as driving while intoxicated or drug possession.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for drug treatment court, you typically must face Class H or I felony charges in North Carolina. Examples include possession of a Schedule I controlled substance such as cocaine, sale of a Schedule III, IV or V controlled substance such as anabolic steroids, and fraud committed to illegally obtain drugs or alcohol.

You must also have a medical diagnosis of chemical dependency or borderline dependency. Each county has its own additional eligibility requirements and application process.

The recovery court program

If you successfully enroll in drug court, you will receive an individualized treatment plan for substance use disorder. The program strives to help you learn to live a sober, crime-free lifestyle and address underlying mental health issues that may contribute to addiction. You must have regular drug tests, comply with probationary supervision, and attend court meetings, treatment appointments, and counseling sessions.

You also receive incentives for successfully completing program milestones. Upon graduation, which means you have finished all the goals of your recovery program, you may qualify for a reduced or expunged sentence for the initial charge.

North Carolina also has special drug court programs for youth, DWI offenders, veterans, families, and people with mental health conditions such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

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