Exploring North Carolina drug court options

Exploring North Carolina drug court options

Exploring North Carolina drug court options

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Individuals who are facing substance-related criminal charges may qualify for drug court in North Carolina. These diversion programs currently exist in dozens of counties across the state to provide supervised recovery to offenders who have a diagnosis of substance use disorder.

Review the qualifications for North Carolina drug court and the process of seeking assistance through this program.

Program requirements

Participants who complete the drug court program requirements may qualify for reduced or eliminated charges. These requirements include twice-monthly court appearances, case management meetings, regular substance use screening, treatment for underlying mental health issues if indicated, treatment for substance use disorder and other requirements of supervised probation.

Eligibility requirements

Generally, the North Carolina drug court diversion program accepts those facing convictions or pending charges, including misdemeanors as well as most Class F, G, H and I felonies. The person must have a current diagnosis of substance use disorder, agree to abide by program requirements, agree to live in a sober living facility and agree to participate in medication-assisted drug dependence recovery if indicated.

The program does not accept individuals who have committed sexual offenses, take benzodiazepines or narcotics prescribed by a doctor, or have a former or pending drug trafficking charge. Those who have previous offenses involving weapons or violence may qualify on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals who are struggling with addiction and have both pending charges and an interest in the drug court program can seek referral through their attorneys. They must make a 12-month commitment to the program and either maintain active employment or enroll in job training.

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