How can you treat drug addiction?

How can you treat drug addiction?

How can you treat drug addiction?

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When it comes to drug crimes in the U.S., many people who find themselves wrapped up in criminal issues have a substance abuse disorder or drug addiction. Drug addiction can affect your ability to control your impulses, despite the consequences.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is a chronic disease that requires treatment.

Behavioral therapy

In behavioral therapy, a therapist, caregiver or other provider helps modify your attitude and behavior to prevent relapse. You have a choice between outpatient and inpatient treatment. In outpatient treatment, you may learn to cope and avoid situations that lead to drug use.

In residential treatment, you have a therapeutic community. The programs have more structure and you cannot put yourself into dangerous situations. You live with others struggling with addiction and treatment staff who help aid in your recovery.

Medical treatment

Physicians can use medicine and medical devices to treat substance abuse disorders and addiction. The first round of medication tends to deal with withdrawal. The difficulty of withdrawal can increase the chance of relapse. Medication can suppress the symptoms and electrical devices can send impulses to stimulate nerves in the brain to reduce opioid withdrawal.

Once through the withdrawal phase, many patients need medication to prevent relapse in addition to medicines geared to help with specific drug-related disorders. Treating mental illness can reduce the rate of relapse because mental health conditions often influence a person’s addiction.

When it comes to treatment for drug addiction, you have several options available. The most effective options include combining behavioral therapy with medical treatment.

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