How should you dress for a DWI hearing?

How should you dress for a DWI hearing?

How should you dress for a DWI hearing?

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Few things can be more intimidating than walking into court to face a judge for a criminal matter. After all, if you have pending charges against you for driving while impaired, you may have to deal with a variety of serious consequences. Moreover, you probably do not have much experience with the legal system.

While it may seem trivial, what you wear to court can make a difference. Indeed, according to LinkedIn, your attire influences both how you feel and how others react to you. So, how should you dress for your upcoming DWI hearing?

You do not have to be fancy

Because of courtroom decorum, there is a good chance your attorney will wear a suit to court. If you have one in your closet, you should consider suiting up for your hearing. You probably do not, however, need to go out and buy a suit. That is, your DWI hearing does not require you to wear fancy clothes.

You should be respectful

The judge, prosecutor and legal system deserve your respect. Therefore, when planning your courtroom attire, you should be as respectful as possible. It is usually a good idea to dress conservatively and as formally as possible. Furthermore, your clothing should be clean and wrinkle-free.

Your attorney can help

Your attorney has probably talked you through the legal parts of your case. Because your lawyer is familiar with courtroom etiquette, it is not a bad idea also to ask him or her about what you should wear to court.

Ultimately, simply by choosing the appropriate attire for your DWI hearing, you may make the entire process a bit less intimidating.

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