Should the BAC limit be reduced?

Should the BAC limit be reduced?

Should the BAC limit be reduced?

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With the exception of Utah, which will undergo a change going into 2020, all states have set a blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.08%. This includes North Carolina. Many people feel this is too low. According to Fox News, scientific researchers say the BAC limit should be even lower. They urge states to follow Utah’s lead to lower it to 0.05%.

The fact is every drunk driving accident and every death attributed to those accidents is preventable by the person who gets behind the wheel and drives while under the influence. While the 0.08% limit is already quite low, leaving you little ability to drink much before you are over the limit, a 0.05% limit would help reduce accidents, as proven through communities in Europe that already have this limit in place.

In addition, experts recommend a multifaceted approach to tackling the drunk driving issue. They want lawmakers to not only raise the BAC limit, but also reduce the hours when establishments can sell alcohol and increase taxes on the product.

Of course, there would be major opposition. When Utah worked to pass its new limit, the alcohol and restaurant industries lobbied aggressively to keep it from happening. However, many people feel safety on the roads is just more important than the profit margins for these industries.

It remains to be seen if other states will follow Utah’s lead, but research shows it would be a wise thing to do if the goal is to reduce drinking and driving.

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