Should you avoid a DUI stop?

Should you avoid a DUI stop?

Should you avoid a DUI stop?

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When approaching a DUI stop, you may have various reasons for wanting to avoid it. Fortunately, it is possible to legally avoid these stops.

However, is that your best option? Or could it come along with unintended consequences?

How DUI stops work

Life Safer talks about DUI stops, otherwise known as traffic stops. Officers will typically set them up along roads that have known issues with intoxicated drivers. The point of a traffic stop is to randomly pull over vehicles that pass through and see if the driver is intoxicated or sober.

However, in some states, officers have to warn drivers in advance of an upcoming traffic stop. Sometimes they even have to provide alternative routes around it. But even if they do not provide one, you as the driver can make your own.

Always abide by traffic laws

The most important thing is that you need to continue abiding by traffic laws even as you attempt to avoid a DUI stop. Make sure that you do not drive erratically or aggressively, stay within the appropriate lines, do not speed, do not make illegal turns or u-turns and so on.

If an officer spots you violating any laws while you attempt to leave, they can and often will pull you over for that. Then you may end up having to go through the process of a DUI test anyway, which would defeat the purpose of attempting to leave in the first place.

Keep in mind that officers can also pull you over for smaller reasons like a broken tail light or expired plate stickers. So if you have reason to think an officer might pull you over, you may want to avoid a last-minute diversion from the traffic stop.

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