Statesville, NC, Crime Rate and Statistics [2024 Updated]

Statesville, NC, Crime Rate and Statistics [2024 Updated]

Statesville, NC, Crime Rate and Statistics [2024 Updated]

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The state provides its residents and tourists with a variety of experiences. Whether it is a day on the coast enjoying the crashing waves or up to the mountains for a night of stargazing, city and rural life blend together with amazing ease. But, like all places, crime exists, and Statesville is no exception. However, understanding the Statesville, NC, crime rate can help keep you safe and provide you with valuable resources should you find yourself part of the statistics.

Crime Rate in North Carolina

Understanding local crime rates starts by understanding what crime looks like throughout the state and across the nation. Unfortunately for the state, crime rates have been trending upward for both violent crimes and property crimes. While the national average for violent crimes sits at four per 1,000 people, North Carolina has a rate of 4.7 per 1000 people. For property crimes, the national average is 20.7 per 1,000, while the state average is 21.6 per 1,000.

Despite these growing numbers, however, residents show a downward trend in their concern about crime. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a concern at all; it just means that for the majority of residents, they feel generally safe. The types of crimes that bring the most concern across the state are:

  • Violent crimes. While 50% of residents nationwide express concern about violent crimes, only 45% of state residents do.
  • Property crime. Across the nation, 52% of people report a concern about property crime, but in the state, that concern is only 43%.
  • Gun violence. While the concern over violent crimes rests relatively low, it is an area of greater concern both across the country and in the state. Around the country, 51% of people are concerned about this type of crime, while in the state, that number is 54%.
  • Package theft. This is a common problem throughout the country, but with its frequency, the level of concern rests relatively low in the state. While across the nation, 53% of residents are concerned about this, only 47% of state residents are.

Statesville Crime Rate

While the general trend in North Carolina is a rise in both violent and property-related crimes, Statesville is finding reasons to brag, with the majority of its crimes declining or remaining relatively the same throughout the 2023 year and into 2024. According to local police reporting, the occurrence of violent crimes rose 0.97% between 2022 and 2023, while property crimes decreased by 0.96% over that same time period.

When it comes to violent crimes, there were four areas contributing to that rise:

  1. Instances of aggravated assault rose from 172 total occurrences in 2022 to 178 total occurrences in 2023. This was an increase of 3.49%.
  2. The murder rate fell significantly, from six occurrences in 2022 to just one in 2023. This was a decrease of 83.33%.
  3. Instances of rape rose 33.33%, with six occurrences in 2022 and eight occurrences in 2023.
  4. The occurrences of robbery fell from 23 total in 2022 to 22 in 2023. This was a decrease of 4.35%.

Crimes against property included:

  • The breaking and entering rate stayed stagnant, with 216 occurrences in both 2022 and 2023.
  • Theft of motor vehicles rose from 96 occurrences in 2022 to 137 in 2023, an increase of 42.71%.
  • Acts of larceny and other offenses rose from 567 occurrences to 591, which was an increase of 4.23%.
  • Theft of property from inside a motor vehicle dropped 21.26%, with 174 occurrences in 2022 to 137 in 2023.
  • Theft of parts from a motor vehicle also dropped by 41.05%, with 85 occurrences in 2022 to 56 in 2023.

While these statistics may not seem perfect, comparing them to the last few years, violent crimes have come in below the three-year average and property crimes have remained static. In all three years, crime rates spiked during the summer months when more people were outside, and more tourism occurred.


Q: Is Statesville, NC, a Good Place to Live?

A: Boasting a population of 28,576, Statesville is a great place to live, particularly for those who enjoy spacious suburban settings. Most of the residents of Statesville, consisting mostly of families and young professionals, own their homes and enjoy the many parks the city has to offer. Ranking 45th in the state for diversity and with better-than-average schools, residents have a reason to brag about Statesville.

Q: What Area in NC Has the Lowest Crime?

A: The area with the lowest crime rate in the state is Pinehurst. While comparatively small compared to other areas, with a population of just 18,426 people, the town ranks low for both violent crimes and property crimes. Since 2022, when it saw a violent crime rate of 1.1 per 1,000 people, that number has fallen to just 0.2. For property crime, the three-year high was 7.9 per 1,000 and fell to 4.2.

Q: What City in NC Has the Highest Violent Crime Rate?

A: Lumberton, NC, holds the title of the area with the highest violent crime. With a population of just 18,841, this area ranks highest not just in North Carolina but amongst the highest in the country. The violent crime rate for Lumberton is 23.67 per 1,000 people, making it nearly six times higher than the state average of 4.05. It is estimated that one in 42 people will be the victim of a violent crime.

Q: How Many Inmates Are in Statesville?

A: The question of how many inmates are in Statesville is difficult to answer. There are no prisons in the area, but the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, which serves the county, has a maximum capacity of 501 inmates. This number can fluctuate depending on the number of inmates housed as a part of penalties and the number of crimes committed in any given time period.

Statesville, NC, Defense Attorney

To the residents that call Statesville home, it is a tranquil place with enough space for when you need it but enough people you won’t feel alone. But, where there are people, crime can occur. Keeping aware of your surroundings and following the right safety procedures can help you avoid being accused of a crime or falling victim to one. However, if you find the need for a defense attorney in Statesville, contact The Law Offices of Michael D. Cleaves, PLLC.

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