The impact of a DWI on a CMV license

The impact of a DWI on a CMV license

The impact of a DWI on a CMV license

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The consequences of a DWI charge could negatively impact the jobs of commercial vehicle drivers in North Carolina. Repercussions including revoked driving privileges and costly fines could create career-ending outcomes for some and challenges finding new employment for others.

When commercial vehicle drivers understand their responsibility to operate a vehicle and the consequences for failing to do so, they may have more incentive to practice responsible driving behavior.

Loss of driving privileges

The most obvious consequence of DWI is a loss of driving privileges. To which extent this consequence extends will depend on the severity the violation. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, commercial vehicle drivers facing DWI charges are immediately disqualified to operate their vehicle.

If charged indefinitely with DWI commercial drivers lose their licensure for one year. A second offense results in permanent revocation of their CMV license. For operators of commercial vehicles including school buses and daycare transport vehicles, the consequences are even stricter.

Disclosure to employer

Commercial vehicle drivers facing charges of DWI also have to deal with the uncomfortable situation of informing their employer. The Official North Carolina DMV Website says that employees have two days to notify their employer of any change to their driving privileges. This includes disqualifications, revocations, suspensions or cancellations of their CMV privileges.

When applying for a new job to operate a commercial vehicle, North Carolina law requires people to disclose their driving history. Employers can ask about any traffic violation in the past 20 years and prospective employees must respond honestly including the disclosure of any loss of their driving privileges.

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