What should you do during a DWI stop?

What should you do during a DWI stop?

What should you do during a DWI stop?

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If an officer accuses you of driving while under the influence, you may not be sure how to handle the situation. Many people fear police stops, and for something as serious as a DWI, it can be even more daunting.

Keep these tips in mind about how to handle a DWI stop.

Only Leave the Vehicle When Asked

If the officer asks you to exit the vehicle, you can listen. However, if they do not ask, then wait in your vehicle. You may want to remove any sunglasses, hats or other articles that might obscure your identity. Once the officer arrives at your window, be cordial and cooperative but keep your rights in mind.

You Do Not Have to Incriminate Yourself

Some people believe that if they are candid with the officer it will make the situation easier to handle. It is okay for you to answer direct questions but be careful about oversharing. While you should not lie to the police, you do not have to tell them everything either.

Be Polite and Firm About Your Rights

When you assert your rights, remain polite. It can be scary to experience a police stop for a DUI, but it is better to stay compliant and cooperative. The officer can use anything you say against you legally, so it is better not to give him or her anything to use.

A DWI can result in serious charges, but your defense begins during the stop.

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