Violent auto accidents can change and end lives in a matter of moments, leaving behind a mountain of expenses and emotional devastation for families of the victims.

If a truck or car crash has happened to you, and you are desperate for assistance on many fronts, here is the good news: The Law Office of Michael D. Cleaves, PLLC, in Statesville, can help.

Experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney Michael D. Cleaves effectively handles accidents related to all kinds of negligence — including distracted and drunk driving — all vehicles and all injuries, from whiplash to severe brain and spinal cord injury that requires surgery and years of advanced, expensive therapy.

Did your motor vehicle accident happen while you drove a company-owned car, truck or van? Mr. Cleaves can be of service in a workers’ compensation or third-party claim context.

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Works Hard For Your Maximum Financial Compensation

During his 10 years of successful service to personal injury clients, Michael D. Cleaves has established himself as a source for exhaustive accident investigation findings, effective negotiations with insurance companies and aggressive litigation against them in courts of law.

Along the way, his injured clients and their loved ones receive attentive personal service, prompt and thorough answers to questions, and comfort for their concerns.

These full-service features are delivered strictly on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will owe no attorney fee unless Michael D. Cleaves collects money damages for you that accurately reflect your losses.

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