Helping You Obtain Workers’ Compensation

If an accident on the job has put you out of work, perhaps for all time, and made you and your family vulnerable to accumulating bills and lost wages, you need experienced legal representation in your corner — and you need it now.

Statesville workers’ compensation, personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Michael D. Cleaves excels at every phase of the wage and medical benefits legal processes, to your benefit. His 15 years of experience have shown him how to effectively investigate job accidents, negotiate with employers’ insurers and bring his clients’ compelling cases before judges and juries around the state.

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Since 2005, A Friend And Champion Of Injured Workers In North Carolina

Michael D. Cleaves is a workers’ compensation attorney who aggressively advocates for injured workers, and families of workers with fatal injuries, from job accidents occurring in all settings — manufacturing units, warehouses, construction zones, office parks, hospitals, company-owned motor vehicles and many others.

Has your serious head injury or knee injury, suffered in a workplace accident, sidelined you from your job? Are you and your doctor uncertain whether you will ever work again? Is the burden of lost income, and the added hardship of medical expenses, making you desperate for help?

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