2 reasons why teens may drink and drive

2 reasons why teens may drink and drive

2 reasons why teens may drink and drive

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Despite the fact that drinking alcohol is illegal for those under the age of 21, every year there are multiple underage drivers charged with a DWI. Parents need to focus on helping them understand the dangers of drinking and driving, so they will not get behind the wheel after having a drink.

Even with many educational programs and campaigns across the U.S. to stop it, drunk driving continues. So, getting through to underage drivers is not an easy task. It may help to first examine why they may drive drunk in the first place.

They do not understand the concept of a designated driver

Forbes explains that to adults, the concept of a designated driver is someone who does not drink any alcohol the whole night out. For underage drivers, this is not the same definition. They tend to define it as someone who does not drink a lot. So, many times, the teen who is the designated driver is actually a drunk driver.

They do not know when they are impaired

Just like adults, young people rarely can tell when they really are too drunk to drive. It is very difficult for people to judge when they are around the legal limit because they may believe they feel fine even when their blood alcohol content is over the limit.

Those under 21 do not seem to realize that one drink could put them over the limit; this lack of understanding may be one of the primary factors that lead to getting behind the wheel and driving under the influence. Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding for them is that they believe they have to physically feel the effects of alcohol in order for them to be too drunk to drive, but that is not true.

A DWI charge can cause a number of difficulties. While teens who drink and drive should face consequences for their actions, parents may want to do what they can to mitigate legal ramifications and impose their own penalties.

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