What restrictions come with a protective order?

What restrictions come with a protective order?

What restrictions come with a protective order?

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Despite the ups and downs that occur in your relationship with your spouse or domestic partner in Statesville, you likely still feel a strong bond with them. That is why being served with a domestic violence protective order may come as a shock. Even if there currently is tension and discord in your relationship, you may question whether your actions warrant having such an order taken out against you. Your first thought may be to reach out to your partner to smooth over whatever incident might have led to them taking this action. Before you act on that impulse, you should understand what restrictions a protective order places on you, and the potential penalties you may face for violating them.

According to the website for the North Carolina Judicial Branch, a DVPO mandates that you avoid contact with your partner either in-person or by phone, email and even social media. Plus, you are typically barred from going near their home, workplace and (in some cases) even places where you know them to frequent (such as a gym or club). Oftentimes, the order will be extended to restricting you from contacting others as well, such as her family members, friends and possibly even your kids.

Violating the protective order (even if you believe it to be unwarranted) could result in your arrest. The court may also take such a violation into consideration when determining whether to extend the order’s length and scope. Instead, you may want to wait to speak with your spouse or partner after your hearing.

That you will be offered a hearing to argue your case is good news because it gives you the chance to answer their accusations. Having an order taken out against you also does not mean that you now have a criminal record.

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