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Know the facts about possession with the intent to distribute

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | drug offenses | 0 comments

When people face drug charges, one of these charges might be possession with the intent to distribute. People may wonder what exactly this charge means.

If people face charges for possession with the intent to distribute, they face charges for two distinct acts. According to FindLaw, people have to perform both actions to face this kind of drug charge. The first act is the possession of an illegal drug. Law enforcement officials may say that people possess a substance if they have it on their person or if the substance is in their vehicle or house.

The second aspect of this charge

Law enforcement officials also have to demonstrate that someone intends to distribute illegal substances to other people. This means that people usually have a large amount of a drug. Additionally, people may have emails from customers or a lot of cash. Sometimes, the presence of drug paraphernalia may indicate that people intend to distribute a drug.

Types of drug paraphernalia

There are several factors that indicate a person possesses a substance and intends to sell it. According to the North Carolina Legislature, people may have kits that help them grow and harvest plants with parts that can yield illegal substances. They may also possess devices that can make substances more potent. Equipment that can help people process drugs, such as scales or certain kinds of sifters and mixers, also indicates that someone means to sell drugs. Additionally, people may possess packaging materials and items intended to conceal drugs.

Drug charges can have a far-reaching impact on people’s lives. People who are facing a charge of possession with the intent to distribute may need help understanding the options available to them.