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How does drug addiction compare to drug abuse and tolerance?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | drug offenses | 0 comments

After an unfortunate encounter with North Carolina law enforcement, you received drug charges. You know you made an unfortunate decision, and you want answers about what led to that choice.

WebMD explains the difference between drug addiction and drug abuse and tolerance. By getting a deeper understanding of what led to your drug charges, you could build a solid legal defense and get the help you deserve.

Drug abuse

When a person uses illegal or legal substances in unintended ways, that becomes drug abuse. An example is taking more than the recommended or prescribed dose of a medication. Someone who abuses drugs may also take someone else’s medication. Some reasons individuals abuse drugs are to address stress or anxiety or escape from reality. A person who abuses drugs may stop using the substances altogether or adopt healthier habits.

Drug addiction

Those who cannot stop taking a substance develop an addiction to a drug or medication. Even when using a substance leads to financial ruin, puts the individual’s health at risk or causes conflict with loved ones, the person still does not stop using. Even if the individual wants to break a harmful habit, the addiction makes it hard to stop.

Drug tolerance

Becoming dependent on a drug or developing a tolerance to a drug is not the same as becoming addicted. With physical dependence, a person who suddenly stops taking a substance develops withdrawal symptoms. When doses of a medication or substance lose their effectiveness, the person becomes tolerant.

Having drug charges does not make you a bad person. Understanding your relationship with drugs makes you a well-informed person.