Building a strong case with a defense strategy

Building a strong case with a defense strategy

Building a strong case with a defense strategy

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There are two sides to every story, and this fact is particularly important when it comes to the defense of criminal charges. In North Carolina, certain alleged crimes can result in serious penalties being imposed on individuals who may be incarcerated and forced to give up certain rights if they are convicted. When a criminal matter goes to trial, it can be assumed that the prosecutor has spent time and energy preparing the best possible case against the defendant. Without legal support, that defendant may face an uphill battle to protect themselves and tell their story.

Individuals who are charged with crimes may present their own sides of the facts when their legal matters to go trial. They must follow the rules of the courts and they must abide by the laws that govern criminal procedure in North Carolina; understanding these rules and regulations can be complicated and confusing for non-legal professionals.

As such, criminal defendants may retain criminal defense attorneys to support and advocate for them when they are preparing to challenge the claims that have made by prosecutors. A criminal defense attorney may be able to provide their client with options for explaining or disproving the facts on which a prosecutor has built their case of the defendant’s alleged criminal conduct.

The Law Office of Michael D. Cleaves is located in Statesville has offered criminal defense services to the community for a decade. Attorney Cleaves is committed to ensuring the protection of his clients’ rights and supporting them through the difficult and life-altering experience of being pulled into the criminal justice system.

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