Juvenile arrested for alleged drug crimes

Juvenile arrested for alleged drug crimes

Juvenile arrested for alleged drug crimes

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Most 17-year-old North Carolina kids are concerned about what their friends are doing, their grades and if they will get into college. Few are prepared to deal with the serious and life-altering consequences that accompany arrests based on alleged criminal conduct. However, North Carolina officials recently arrested a 17 years old for his alleged involvement in a host of drug offenses.

Based on reports, the teen was arrested in Ayden and was allegedly found to be in possession of firearms as well as illegal substances. His criminal charges include, but are not limited to, possession of heroin and marijuana, intent to sell marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a home or car for controlled substances.

Police believe that others may be involved in the crimes that the youth is alleged to have committed, but at this time, he is the only one that has been arrested. He is reportedly held on bond. He has been placed in a detention center, and it is unknown what conduct that youth has with adult offenders.

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina and other states take alleged drug offenses very seriously and will arrest minors if they believe that they are involved in the possession, sale, distribution or manufacturing of illegal substances. This young individual will need a lot of support as he confronts the very serious claims that have been made against him. His family may support him as he works to clear his name, and he may hire an attorney to help him prepare his criminal defense. Juveniles who are charged with crimes can work to protect their futures when they have the guidance of legal professionals who understand the laws.

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