Domestic violence allegations and firearms

Domestic violence allegations and firearms

Domestic violence allegations and firearms

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If accused of domestic violence, you could face harsh repercussions, even if you are innocent. Aside from the inability to visit one’s children, lasting damage to a person’s reputation and even time behind bars, domestic violence accusations can also interfere with one’s ability to own firearms.

It is important to understand how domestic violence charges can affect your life right now and down the road. Moreover, you should take steps to protect your future, especially if you are falsely accused of domestic assault. Gather as much evidence as you can and try to put your best foot forward in court.

Losing firearms over domestic violence charges

According to the North Carolina Legislature, people accused of domestic violence have to surrender their firearms. For example, those accused of making threats to harm a household member or themselves sometimes lose their ability to have access to firearms.

In addition to handing over firearms, some people in this position cannot purchase firearms either. Those who refuse to surrender firearms or provide truthful and accurate information related to firearms and ammunition could face felony charges.

Addressing domestic violence allegations

If you are facing domestic violence charges as a result of lies, this is often a very frustrating and overwhelming experience. However, it is vital to ensure that you comply with court orders and avoid any behavior that could make your circumstances worse. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate all options on the table and take the right approach to your defense. The way you approach this case could affect your life for years to come.

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