What should you do about that speeding ticket?

What should you do about that speeding ticket?

What should you do about that speeding ticket?

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Speeding tickets are one of the most common traffic tickets served to the public on a daily. If you ever end up on the receiving end, you may feel tempted to simply pay the ticket off and move on with your life.

But paying the ticket is an admission of guilt, and you can end up suffering from unforeseen repercussions if you choose to do so.

What to do the day of?

Nerd Wallet examines actions you can take when handling a speeding ticket. First, at the time an officer pulls you over, be sure to remain polite. Do not argue or make yourself memorable if possible, as this can help prevent an officer from recalling details about you during a court hearing.

Ask the officer how they determined your speed and write this down after they leave, along with all notable details. This includes the time, place and date of the ticket. It also includes whether or not you passed obscured speed limit signs.

Choosing to fight the ticket

If you choose to fight the ticket, gather evidence and witnesses. Prepare questions for the officer in advance, and avoid ‘why’ questions if possible. Research speed equipment, specifically the type the officer said they used against you. Delay the hearing if possible, as this will give you more time to prepare your case.

You can also have an attorney help if necessary. Though traffic attorneys typically take on more severe cases, they can still help in the event of a speeding ticket. Accepting a speeding ticket will not only cost you up to hundreds of dollars in fines but will cost you hundreds or even thousands annually due to increased insurance rates. Thus, it is imperative to fight these tickets when possible.

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