Facts about domestic violence

Facts about domestic violence

Facts about domestic violence

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According to Psychology Today, abuse is common. In the past, the abused victims were frequently afraid to come forward and got worried that they may get blamed for appearing weak. However, due to the growth of the victims’ numbers, women’s movements, and lobbying of advocates around the world, many people know the commonness of domestic violence.

Similarly, both women and men may be victims of domestic violence, even though most of the domestic violence outreach campaigns frequently focus on women. A study revealed that nearly 40% of the domestic assault victims were men. Although both are affected, women are still the primary victims of domestic assault. Additionally, responding to abuse may be challenging. When a person is in an abusive relationship, deciding to confront the abuser is often hard.

According to Medicine Net, domestic violence, in some ways, is endorsed in all societies. The endorsement is by the legal sanctioning of women’s subjugation and the lack of legal transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbian protections. A person from any sexual orientation, social and economic status, religion, and race may face domestic abuse. The risk factors for the women or men to become abusers or victims include having a low sense of self-worth, may have witnessed family violence when they were a child, poverty, or lack of education.

The warning signs for a person to consider when they suspect that they may be victims of domestic abuse include being excessively controlled by their partner, assaulted, or feeling demeaned. Similarly, domestic violence is one of the public health problems. It affects more than 800,000 men and 2 million women and results in lost work productivity, death of victims, injury, or homelessness.

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