How does North Carolina law address heroin?

How does North Carolina law address heroin?

How does North Carolina law address heroin?

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North Carolina laws impose varying offenses for drug possession. For some drugs, the law charges an individual with just a misdemeanor offense. However, this is not the case if an individual possesses heroin. Because heroin is very dangerous, a person can be charged with a felony if they are found in possession of heroin.

Heroin, though not used commonly like other illicit substances, remains a very harmful narcotic. Because of this, the law imposes strict penalties for possession and distribution of heroin. North Carolina law classifies heroin possession as a Class I felony. If convicted of possession, an individual may spend anywhere from three to 12 months in prison.

Crimes associated with heroin can also have serious consequences. Trafficking and selling heroin are all punishable as felonies, and depending on how a person sells or traffics the heroin, the severity of the charges will increase. A person who distributes just four grams of heroin may be penalized with six years in prison, but a person trafficking amounts of 28 grams or over might spend as long as 23 years in incarceration.

This range of punishments does not even cover the federal laws that also punish a person for possessing or distributing heroin. A person might go to jail for a very long time, although law enforcement may strike plea deals if they think a person is a lower level dealer who can help lead the police to higher level dealers and distributors. The possibility of losing a lot of freedom is why consultation with a defense attorney is important.

This article is written to provide general information on drug crimes in North Carolina. Do not interpret it as legal advice for your situation.

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