Looking for a job with a DWI record

Looking for a job with a DWI record

Looking for a job with a DWI record

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People who are arrested on suspicion of having been driving while under the influence of alcohol may experience a wide range of penalties should they be convicted of a driving while intoxicated offense. These penalties may include spending time in jail, losing the right drive for a while, using an ignition interlock device, paying very high fines and more. Even once all of the official penalties have been properly addressed, a DWI might haunt a person for some time. One way this may happen is by making it harder for a person to get a new job.

As explained by Glassdoor, a criminal conviction may appear on a background screening check conducted by a potential employer. Depending on the situation, the conviction may make a company concerned about hiring the individual. However, people may still have a very good opportunity to be hired even if they have a drunk driving conviction on their record.

Monster notes that while background checks are commonplace in today’s hiring environment, more and more hiring managers have an open mind about hiring people with criminal records and believe these applicants may well be able to bring value to an organization. The relevance of a conviction to a desired job may play into the ability of a candidate to be hired.

For example, a person with a drunk driving conviction may not be able to get a job as a driver but may have no problem being hired for a job that does not require them to drive. An older conviction may also have a lower impact on an applicant’s chances of being hired.

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