Domestic violence call leads to couple’s arrest

Domestic violence call leads to couple’s arrest

Domestic violence call leads to couple’s arrest

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An allegation of domestic violence often carries with it such a stigma that people in Statesville often rush to judgement against those accused of it. Some might say they have good reason to; statistics tend to show that victims of violent crimes often know (and are even in relationships with) their attackers, and ending a relationship in which domestic abuse is supposedly occurring may end the violence before it escalates. Yet at the same time, it is important to remember that there are two sides to every story, and that those accused of domestic abuse should be afforded the chance to plead their cases before judgement is pronounced.

Such pleas may reveal that more might have been going on during an encounter than many initially thought. The case of a Mississippi public official recently arrested on domestic violence charges illustrates this point. Authorities were called to his home after fears of an altercation between him and his spouse were reported. After arriving, officials believed that sufficient evidence was present to make an arrest. However, the evidence in question implicated both the man and his wife in the confrontation. Thus, both were arrested.

While violent action (particular that which occurs between a couple) should never be condoned, this case (and others like it) demonstrate that those accused of abuse are not always the monsters that the allegations against them imply them to be. More than that, they deserve to have their cases heard by a fair and impartial audience that will judge the charges against them based upon the facts behind them rather than the emotions they provoke. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may help ensure that one gets this chance.

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