When your license is in danger

When your license is in danger

When your license is in danger

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Being ticketed or arrested for an alleged traffic violation can expose a person to many things. This can include the possibility of losing one’s driver’s license. There are a range of things that could lead to a license being revoked. Today, we’ll go over some of the common types of traffic-violation-related driver’s license revocations here in North Carolina.

Revocation based on test refusal

When a driver is arrested for drunk driving, refusal to submit to a BAC test generally triggers a revocation.

Revocation based on failure to appear/pay

How a person responds to a traffic ticket can have license implications. Failing to make a required court appearance or pay a required fine connected to such a ticket can lead to a license being revoked.

Revocation based on points

One of the typical consequences of traffic violations are license points. Traffic offenses vary in how many points they put on a person’s record. Getting too many points can trigger a loss of license. Generally, getting 12 points over the course of three or less years will lead to a person having his or her driving privileges taken away for a time.

Revocation based on conviction

And there are some convictions that generally come with a license revocation all on their own. Examples include convictions for excessive speeding or DWI.

Protecting a license when accused of traffic violations

When a person is facing a risk of license revocation, how long the revocation would likely be and what he or she can do to try to fight to keep his or her license depends on the situation. Skilled defense attorneys can help individuals facing allegations that could endanger their license understand what steps they can take towards protecting their driving privileges.

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