Defenses to charges of assault and battery

Defenses to charges of assault and battery

Defenses to charges of assault and battery

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Fights can result in injuries, bruised emotions and damaged property. North Carolina residents should also recognize that altercations can result in criminal charges if alleged victims file charges against their alleged attackers. The crimes of assault and battery carry with them serious legal consequences that can deprive individuals of their rights and freedoms if they are convicted of their charges.

However, it is sometimes possible for individuals to avoid criminal punishment if they are able to assert strong criminal defense strategies to combat their pending charges. When it comes to assault and battery, several defenses may provide individuals with explanations for their actions that overcome the assertions of their alleged accusers that their conduct was criminal.

For example, a person who is charged with assault may be able to claim that they only acted in self-defense. Self-defense is appropriate when a person has a reasonable apprehension that they are in danger. If a person uses self-defense to protect themselves from an apparent attack, their actions may be deemed justified and not criminal.

Defense of others and defense of property are two other defenses that may apply in assault and battery cases. Each carries with it is own elements that must be proven in order for a criminal defendant to be exonerated of their charges.

Assault and battery claims are serious and can land individuals in jail. They can leave North Carolina residents with criminal records that can prevent them from accomplishing their lifelong goals. It can be useful for men and women who are facing these serious charges to discuss their defense options with their criminal defense attorneys. It is important to understand available options to help those accused of this and any other type of crime.

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