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Ask most people about a traffic violation, and they probably think of an officer pulling someone over for going 53 mph in a 45-mph zone. Traffic violations, though, are a broad range of potential violations, and a Mocksville traffic ticket lawyer can help you avoid the consequences of them, which can be far more severe than you realize.

Traffic violations include serious issues that can result in equally serious consequences, such as a DWI or reckless driving. Even a simple speeding ticket can end up causing trouble over time as the points begin to add up.

The Law Office of Michael D. Cleaves, PLLC: Your Mocksville Traffic Attorney

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to fight tickets for traffic violations. You are even able to appoint representation to do so. If you’re serious about wanting to avoid the consequences of a traffic ticket, then you need the help of a Mocksville traffic lawyer, like the one you can find with The Law Office of Michael D. Cleaves, PLLC.

No matter the traffic violation that you’re looking to fight, you can be confident that we don’t consider any of these “minor.” We are ready to fight for our clients on any charges that they are looking to defend against. The government wants to curb traffic violations, so they’ve instituted penalties that sting. We are ready to help you avoid just that.

Traffic Violations That a Mocksville Traffic Lawyer Can Help With

If your traffic violation can be challenged in court, then we can defend you. There is a broad range of possible traffic charges in Mocksville, NC, but you have every opportunity to challenge them, no matter what they are. Some of the more commonly challenged traffic charges include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • License violations

Why Do You Need a Mocksville Traffic Ticket Attorney for a Traffic Violation?

Working with a lawyer to face your traffic situation can be essential to giving you a better chance of winning your case. There are a number of different consequences that come with a conviction of a traffic violation. The lightest that you are likely to face is a fine and points on your license. While that may not seem like much, many people realize how quickly those points, and the higher insurance payments, can add up and cause trouble.

On the more serious end, and if you get enough points, a license suspension is possible. This can make it hard for someone to do even the most basic things in life, such as going to work or the grocery store.

The most serious of violations, like reckless driving and driving while impaired, carry even stiffer sentences, including jail time. These also come with a criminal record that will appear on background checks. It could also hurt everything from a person’s career prospects to education and financial opportunities to even their personal life.

How a Mocksville Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

With so much at stake in traffic law cases, it’s critical that you put forth the most thorough defense that you can. That is something that a traffic lawyer can help with. There are those who may attempt to defend themselves based on the research they do online.

While there is some valuable information out there, lawyers have an even richer breadth of knowledge. You never know when something outside the scope of what you’ve researched will come up. Lawyers, though, have the benefit of years of experience to rely on, and that can often make or break a case. It’s highly unlikely that a case is going to present something that they aren’t at least mildly familiar with.

There are many different ways that you can defend against various traffic charges, and working with the right lawyer is going to be instrumental if you want to exhaust all options. A good lawyer, with a sharp eye for detail, can recognize the various seemingly minor issues that can prove some error on the part of the defense. If you’re looking to ensure that you have the most formidable defense, then be sure to have your case defended by a lawyer you trust.

What to Look for in a Mocksville Traffic Lawyer

When you pick out a traffic lawyer to represent you, there is a lot of responsibility and trust that you are handing over to another person. The most critical aspect of your decision to let someone else represent you is the trust that you have in them to do so. You want to ensure that you are comfortable with them and how they handle your case.

It’s important to ask questions of any lawyer you are considering hiring, as you will want to feel like you know and understand who they are. Some characteristics, though, that are worth keeping an eye out for include:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced
  • Detail-oriented
  • Creative
  • Trustworthy

Get Help Fighting Your Ticket and Avoid Significant Consequences

Although many people might think of a traffic ticket as little more than a parking violation, many traffic violations could carry serious consequences. Even “little” traffic violations are part of a system that can eventually impact a person’s life. The points can add up quickly, and the bills for insurance can get steep. By the time it gets to that point, it may be too late, as the tickets you could have fought off and won against were two or three tickets ago. You are better off fighting every ticket with everything you can.

If you’re serious about avoiding the consequences of a ticket and fighting off the charges, then you want the experience and help of a Mocksville traffic lawyer. Whether fighting a routine speeding charge or running a red light, or more serious charges of reckless driving or a DWI, having a lawyer on your side can make all the difference for your defense.

At The Law Office of Michael D. Cleaves, PLLC, we understand how impactful traffic charges can be and take our defense against every one seriously. If you’re looking for help with a traffic issue in Mocksville, NC, then contact us today.

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