How drug court differs from traditional drug rehab programs

How drug court differs from traditional drug rehab programs

How drug court differs from traditional drug rehab programs

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A North Carolina drug conviction typically brings with it substantial penalties. Depending on the details surrounding your drug crime, you could potentially have to spend time behind bars, attend a substance abuse treatment program and pay steep fines, among other possible repercussions.

If the possibility of spending time behind bars frightens you, know that you may, depending on circumstances, be able to avoid having to serve any time by instead enrolling in a state-sponsored drug court. While you should expect there to be some level of variation from one drug court to the next, most drug courts require that you take regular drug tests, make regular appearances before a judge and otherwise abide by preset terms. If you complete a North Carolina drug court, it may benefit you in more ways than just by keeping you out of jail. Because drug courts differ from traditional rehab programs in some very fundamental ways, you may find that your participation helps you overcome your substance abuse disorder once and for all. Just how do drug courts differ from traditional rehab programs?

They essentially force compliance

While you typically have the option to simply walk away from a traditional rehab program, the same does not hold true in drug court. If necessary, a drug court judge or administrator may utilize the legal system to intervene when a participant shows signs of potential relapse. The court may also mandate that a substance abuser attend in-patient treatment when the need presents itself.

They help substance abusers establish habits

Because it lasts longer than a traditional rehab program, a drug court may better help you kick your substance abuse disorder. In North Carolina, drug court lasts at least a year, giving your brain time to recover from your substance abuse disorder while giving you a genuine shot at sobriety.

Drug courts are not appropriate for or available to all drug offenders. However, if you are facing a North Carolina drug charge, you may want to find out if you could potentially be a good fit for such a program.

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